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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI (myers briggs type indicator) is a system for classifying personalities into 16 types. The system was originally created by Carl Jung, but later a personality test called (MBTI) was created.

The personality type is made up of 4 dichotomies. Extravert/Introvert Sensing/Intuition Feeling/Thinking Perceiving/Judging

There is also 8 cognitive structures.

Introverted Thinking - Logic of Correlation (external statics of fields)
Introverted Feeling - Relational Ethics (internal statics of fields)
Introverted Sensing - Sensation (external dynamics of fields)
Introverted Intuition - Intuition of Time (internal dynamics of fields)
Extraverted Thinking - Business Logic / Algorithms (external dynamics of objects)
Extraverted Feeling - Emotional Ethics (internal dynamics of objects)
Extraverted Sensing - Volitional Sensorics (external statics of objects)
Extraverted Inuition - Intuition of Potentials (internal statics of objects)