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.:: EMP BOX v2 ::.
EMP BOX #002. Disables Electronics at close range


Extremely small, simple and powerful EMP box. I was lucky to have bought a very good power supply that already on it's own generates EMP, as long as there is a spark gap connected to the output.

Input specs...

Powered by 6VDC using four AA or four AAA batteries. (Tested for 15 minutes, non stop.)

Spark gap made from perf board. Can be modified by soldering adjacent holes together in order the increase discharge rate.

Decrease spark gap for higher pulse repetition. (Solder holes together on perf board)

WARNING: If the spark gap is too small, the power supply WILL burn out!

Final result:

Final result (with SMA connector):

Testing EMP on two calculators (video):

Main component, HV MODULE:


HF warning decal to put on modules.:

I was able to disrupt this calculator at a distance of about 3.5 inches.

3D printable chassis: